Telefónica flagship store
Label Designer

Digital labeling software & hardware R&D project.

Telefónica was interested in installing digital labels for its Flagship store.
These labels are mini-screens and can be controlled through a microwaves system that updates its contents in real-time.

This is especially useful in large comercial areas, since it allows to change prices, offers or data in real-time, thus optimizing the sales flow.

Colorao programmed a front-end  application that allows to design and generate these labels through a powerful, but simple to use editor.

The application allows a single label design valid for several products, which can be edited in real-time. Each label consists of one or more frames, containing texts, images, videos, barcodes or formatted variables.

Through a layer system some elements can be on top of others.
It also has a set of editing tools that allows to rotate, scale or move each element.
The texts and variables allow multiple fonts (defined in the BackEnd library).

The system allows an unlimited number of languages and products and is fully manageable through a BackEnd (made by Wairbut).

After generating a label, it is saved in the CMS so that it can be retrieved later. So, it is not saved as Bitmap, but as the sum of its elements descriptors. This allows remote network edition.

The labels are “alive” and are connected to the CMS.
When a data is changed, the system broadcast the change, updating prices, stocks or data in real-time.

The prototype was so successful that it has been implemented by Telefónica in its Flagship Store as well as many other companies.

Label Designer
Telefónica Flagship Store
Madrid (Spain)
· Wairbut Consulting
· FrontEnd Programming
· CMS Integration
· Installation