Museum of Parliamentarism
Mini Parliament

On the occasion of the celebration of the bicentenary of the first Spanish democratic constitution (La Pepa), the Andalusian government created a didactic center aimed at disclosing constitutional values.

This is how the Interpretation Center for Parliamentarism of San Fernando (Cádiz) was created.

Colorao programmed a series of multimedia installations, touch screens and games with optical and robotic interfaces.

This installation consists of the recreation of a small parliament with an electronic voting system.

On a central kiosk, the moderator has a touchscreen with which he can select the topics and put them to a vote.
A video-mapping on a background wall shows the selected topic.

Visitors, sitting on two side benches, can vote using two electronic push buttons located next to each seat.

After the voting the projection shows the vote of each participant and the overall result.

Colorao programs and install the projected application, as well as the application of the moderator and the electronic control system.

The entire system is connected to a customized CMS to facilitate remote content management.

Mini Parliament
Museum of Parliamentarism
San Fernando. Cádiz (Spain)
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