Colorao provides
interactivity and multimedia services
Powerful solutions for contemporary museographic requirements
Powerful solutions for contemporary museographic requirements
Digital Publications

Websites, e-pubs, mailing, mobile, DVD or even Printing

Colorao always work with the best visual artists but could also subscribe to your own style guide or media team as well

Illustration and Animation

CGI, Characters, Toons, Charts, 2D/3D Animation, Motion Graphics…

Graphic Design

We collaborate with a large number of designers to offer a wide catalog of styles

Digital Photography

Studio or open-air Photography, Architecture, Products, Film still, Making-off, Landscapes, Scanning and Digitization

Information Architecture

Simple and elegant digital experiences
From wireframing and prototypes to the final production design

Multilingual Development

Real-time translation and layout swap according to i18n standard. Both LTR and RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic…

E-learning & Gamification

Educational and serious games development. 2D or 3D interfaces, user tracking, ranking, stats and data analysis


High quality multimedia applications with cutting edge technologies:

Mixed or Augmented Reality, 2D & 3D infographics, 360 immersive spaces, virtual tours, computer vision, machine learning, geolocation services, sensors, custom electronics.

GigaPixel photography

Unlimited zoomable images with hotspots, overlays or animations

Immersive Experiences

Move through virtual spaces or explore a 3D model
Real or CGI rendered, still or video, augmented or mixed reality

Multiuser interaction

Table or wall mounted multiuser applications
Capacitive films or IR frames, RadarTouch, or Computer Vision devices

Real-time systems

Sensors, electronics, Kinect, Leap-motion, video streams

Computer Vision

Image analysis, user counting, movement detection, or advanced interaction

Machine learning

Model training, neural networks and AI patterns integration for complex problems solving


Online & offline high quality applications for any purpose and format

Digital publications, business, data visualization, presentations, educational, games, administration, control panels

Mobile Applications

Both iOS & Android native or mixed mobile Apps with CMS, Firebase, maps, geolocation, AR, Bluetooth, Push messages

Kiosks and Touchscreens

Information points connected to data systems for easy remote administration

Desktop Applications

Standalone Apps with business logic, charts, forms connected to any CMS or custom API

Content Management

Powerful yet easy to use CMS applications.
Standard or custom one for specific tasks

digital signage

We can setup standard  or custom solutions connected to any data source

Control Panels

Schedule, backup, recover or status monitoring apps, with log reporting and email alerts to system administrators

AV Integration

Bring interactivity to any AV installation with Kinect, RadarTouch, Lidar, Bluetooth Beacons, Network commands or Computer vision. We can also integrate it with DMX, MIDI, NDI or Serial Port enabled devices, or even create a custom API. We can develop special software for data conversion if needed.

Colorao is certified in most usual AV Media Systems

VideoWalls and Mapping

Synchronized 2D or 3D content across several projectors or screens
Content authoring and installation

Translation systems

We can integrate RSF Audioguides in your system for Real-time synching
User control, access and stats

Custom Electronics

Animatronics, sensors, controllers, buttons, RFID, iBeacons, potentiometers, encoders or relays

Control Rooms

CMS and Apps installation into any Control Room coordinating with your engineers and system administrators