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Life on board

Life on Board is a multiuser game, in which users can play simultaneously driving a virtual ship with five gaming positions: rudder, hand water pump, winch, pulleys and cannon.
It consists of 5 synchronized projections forming a 25-meters-length single mapping system.

Each user visualizes a projection and controls it through its own physical device.
Although each player manages a part, all the projections are synchronized and continuous.

The game has 3 levels: The Island, The Storm and The Pirate attack.

With impressive illustrations, animations and music (by Pasos Largos), the game is funny and integrates perfectly with the rest of the exhibits of this museum.

Colorao programmed the game and designed the system that synchronized each individual game in the common projection.
Electronic controllers were designed for this purpose, and the physical interfaces (rudder, barrel, etc.) were integrated.

All devices were synchronized with each other through a server that guarantees synchrony in the game.

Life on board
Museum of Navigation
Museum of Navigation
Seville (Spain)
· Pasos Largos
· Programming
· AV Synchronization
· Electronics Integration
· CMS Integration
· Installation