Uncovering Guernica
Educational Publication

Discovering Guernica is a set of two interactive publications aimed at Primary and High School students, where Guernica is explained in detail through animations, dialogues, games and audiovisuals.

Both publications were developed in five languages and have all the accessibility facilities: letter sizes, subtitles, translations, etc.

Acción Cultural Española ordered both publications to be delivered to spanish schools for educational reinforcement.


In a three-dimensional space, a series of toons (representing the colors) , dialogues with each other about the different aspects of the artwork: characters, composition, chromatism, historical context repercussion…

Through a series of educational games, students can mix colors, create collages, compose in space or draw freely.
Students can also save their creations in their own gallery and share them with their classmates.


High school
A series of PopUp sheets related to each other floating on a three-dimensional space.
Each PopUp contains detailed information about different themes of the artwork, and relates to others through a series of lines that represent conceptual connections.

Uncovering Guernica
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