Serious game programming

Gamelearn is a consulting company dedicated to e-learning, serious-games and business training, and wanted to publish an on-line game for business negotiation training.

The game is based on the adventures of Carlo Vecchio, a young venetian merchant of the sixteenth century who struggles to move forward with a shipping business.

To do this, the player must organize commercial routes, buy or sell ships, manage the stock, ask for credits and negotiate with lenders, customers and suppliers.

The game combines lessons, buying and selling strategy and negotiation.

Colorao programmed the interface, behavior and the trading game.

The interface runs in a 3D context, which allows the user to move through the scenarios with absolute freedom. A ranking system is included that compares the results with those of the other students of the same group.
The game is integrated into a customized BackEnd.

This game has been awarded several times in international competitions as the best e-learning product.

Have a look to the trailer made by Gamelearn

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