National Museum of Archeology
Educational Games Configurator

The National Museum of Archeology, for its educational hall, wanted to install a series of interactive games related to the visit to the Museum by students.

Depending on the type of exhibition, age of the visitors, etc, they wanted to be able to control the games and their contents, as well as develop new games, tests, etc.

Colorao programs a system that allows defining the active game, as well as generating new games.
Through a private access CMS made for this purpose, the museum administrators can add games, define their appearance, color, title, headers, etc.

They could also attach images and define the types of tests: select the correct answer, join with lines, fill in the gaps, etc.

The application allows to play online and offline.
On the CMS is possible to package the application and install it on the PC’s at the Educational Hall .

At the end of the game, the student can print a diploma, thus reinforcing the user experience and didactic action.

Educational Games Configurator
National Museum of Archeology
Madrid (Spain)
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