Expo 2017 Future Energy
Wave Generator Tank

Wave Generator Tank is an interactive installation in which the public can generate a real wave and see how it produces energy.

A transparent tank full of water simulates the seabed.
On the surface of the water are several “Pelamis” to convert the movement of the waves into electrical energy.

Connected to the tank there is a mechanical device that is responsible for producing the waves with different heights and intensities.

On a touchscreen, the visitor selects the desired type of wave, which is instantly generated in the tank.

Meanwhile, in the touchscreen, different animations are shown with the wave’s resulting energy.

Colorao programmed this application and integrated it into the pavilion’s data system.

Also a custom electronic device was developed to connect the application with the mechanical device.

The Application was developed in English, Russian and Kazakh.

Wave Generator Tank
Kazakhstan Pavilion
Expo 2017 Future Energy
Astana (Kazakhstan)
· iTF
· Sembol
· Programming
· Electronic Integration
· CMS Integration
· Installation