Expo 2017 Future Energy
United Under One Sky

United Under One Sky is an interactive audiovisual installation that allows visitors to take portraits of themselves and to be characterized as professionals of the future. Then, those portraits appear on a huge videowall above.

Colorao programs this installation consisting of several applications, and integrates it into the pavilion’s data system.

Application that allows to capture visitor’s portraits and configure them with different apparel of future professions.
After making the capture and “submit” the image, the system displays a countdown with the remaining time for the image to be visible in the VideoWall, and points the user in which videowall’s screen it will be visible.

Server side
Server application that receives and stores visitor’s portraits.
It also manages the countdown and allows the Pavilion’s moderators to delete an image if the content is inappropriate.

Video Wall
Application that randomly displays the images of the users on the videowall screens.

The Application was developed in English, Russian and Kazakh.

United Under One Sky
Kazakhstan Pavilion
Expo 2017 Future Energy
Astana (Kazakhstan)
· iTF
· Sembol
· Programming
· CMS Integration
· Installation