Colorao trabaja en un amplio rango de
proyectos nacionales e internacionales
Colorao trabaja en una amplio rango de proyectos nacionales e internacionales
Nuestros proyectos mas destacados
National Museum of Qatar
Information Desk
Life Threads
Fusion Energy Showcase III
United Under One Sky
Wave Generator Tank
Herbarium Wall
Forces Theatre
Digital Field Guide
Landform tables
Story Booths
Origins & Battles
Life on Board
Zero Espazioa
Photo Jump
Label Designer
AV Room Controller
Educational Games Configurator
Official Mobile Application
Epigraphic Corpus of the Alhambra
Computer Vision game application
Interactive Wall
Information Touchscreen
Light on Paper
Mini Parliament
Interactive Wall
Cofares Pharmagame
Uncovering Guernica
La Pepa
Natural size
19th Century at Prado
The History Channel
Ancient Bibliographic Funds