National Museum of Archeology
AV Room Controller

The National Museum of Archeology inaugurated a new AV Room to display a series of video projections.
They were looking for a software solution to allow them to prepare different broadcast schedules through a simple CMS. Since the room was illuminated, it was also required that the lighting would be attenuated when a projection was to begin.

Colorao programed a system to solve all those requirements.

On one hand, a simple Drag’n Drop based CMS.
The videos are dragged on a daily timeline, configuring different templates that are easy to reuse and adapt.
This system allows to perfectly position the video and define the waiting times between different projections.

On the other hand, a video visualizer App was also developed, which communicates with the CMS and obtains the list of videos to be displayed.

Colorao designed and built an electronic device for lighting control.

The system also displayed a countdown to warn visitors that a new video was about to start.

AV Room Controller
AV Room
National Museum of Archeology
Madrid (Spain)
· Artempus
· Programming
· Electronics integration
· CMS Integration
· Installation